qwertyos post Nats BST Mint HOT($40) KLR($50) and Proton($65) in here!

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(link to all pics)

Hello guys Ive got some stuff im looking to sell or maybe trade but thats less likely.

I wold like to get a Jet Set EC

Some high quality 3a pairs

loop 1080s

most recrev


Now on to what Ive got!

First off ive got a dulce- Mint b grade $50 (this one I would rather trade)

Proton Splash Special edition- near mint(just some pinpricks) smooth $65(retail is $115)

YYJ Luxe LTD- Not very well known plays like a slightly heavier but smaller phenom $30

KLR- A bit damaged and a little vibe $50

Hot- Mint but vibey(A grade) $40(Retails for $120)