FT:Mint MFDApe-X($150+trade) Mint CLYWs,Tre13,ODs,YYF! Want: CLYWs,ILYYs,Bi Metals, High Ends!

**Mint Unless Listed Smooth Unless listed, will ship first to build feedback aslong as you are known

NEED A Decent Tablet, my Fire 8in isn’t doing what I need. Trading well for tablet, NO CRACKS UNLESS AMAZING DEAL, aka this Fire 8 has a crack, I paid $10,
Just looking for something I can do things like this and also play some Clash Royale and PUBG Mobile. Doesn’t have to handle PUBG, don’t mind getting a couple, like a $40-50 one and a $150-200 one. I go by Craigslist EBay and other sites that help gauge value, not store value

**Will also trade for Jordan’s Size 11, good condition but can be worn as well, let me know, I might not like all pairs but would be cool to get help someone w yoyo s and they get helped w shoes.


Prefer CLYW for CLYW (bi metal one would be nice to try) Chiefs esp 1st Run!

ILYY: Esp Candyblasts I don’t have yet: E1ns 1st Run, 08 Wasabi Nile, Enigma,Sakura SE, 2Wei, Orange and Blue Lio (Mint or as close to as possible)

Draupnir who doesn’t just not a raw. Overdrive.

Horizon (you will prob have to add unless it’s one of the few bottom throws)

Cheaper bimetals (Space Cowboy, Genesis, Superstar).

Expensive bimetals too!

sorry only box I have is the code 2, got lost moving very sorry!

From top to bottom left to right…

Jack Rabbit AC2: Mint
FG Jack Rabbit AC1: Smoother than any other AC1 I have ever tried, 2 small pinpricks, it’s the 65gram version vs the 67.5gram version which some like the berry berry were.
ideally I would want to sell as a pair but I know ideal and reality isn’t always the sameMotorsport

AC2: Confetti Mint

WM2: Forgot the name: Black w green smoke or fog. Mint

Square Wheels Rockerfeller: 2 tiny pinpricks still very smooth, Oct Blue colorway.

Ape X: Mint: Dark Green w Purple white and clear Splash was informed this is the real gem at $150, if he was kidding I’ll take off I

For now I’ll keep it, if confirmed that price I will accept 2 CLYWs (a chief and Igloo, just example) or add for a Draupnir Black, also always wanted a BBB, also ILYYs 1st Run E1ns worth idk but we can work it out.

Weird Tee 2013 Ed: Mint Half Red Half black w black and gold spots on both sides an amazing and unique throw

Y-Factor: Custom ano Black w Gold Sparkles, looks mint to me I’ll say 1 pin prick to be safe.I

Alien Galaxy Shutter: My fav co!today of the shutter and maybe the of all time

Code 2: Half Purple Half Yellow Rim Damage throughout but still smooth *comes w spike SEs"

Too Hot Proto: Scuffs on the rims a bit of vibe, still a nice pocket throw!

2013? (First Year) Benchmark H: has a couple marks but a concerning deep groove, please don’t do grinds as I have and it tore apart my hand! Comes w spike SEs.

Have more but let’s start there, have a great day!

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That WM2 colourway is called northern lights.


Bump sorry was in the hospital then 2 days after I’m out my uncle overdosed :frowning: like a father figure to me. So I hope everyone understands. So working it out, still wanna trade.

Also will add to main post but,…

Looking to trade for a Tablet that is at least in the $80-150 range, this Kindle Fire 8 isn’t working for me!

I go by Craigslist prices just like you go by the prices btw.

Also will trade for Jordan’s (only Js sorry, size 10.5-11), only want them in great condition. “I only wore them 10x and bought them for $175 w tax” more than likely will go for $70-80.

Just send me a pic and tell me damage and condition. New ones I really want, like some $550 Travis Scott R4s, I would do $600 in throws. Or my Motorsport Retro 4s worth $200 + Confetti AC2 ($100)+ Mint Ape X ($150)+ Mint Green Mist WM2($110), + a VNM Rockerfeller ($60 idk) (2 pinpricks I heard but never seen them myself) + VNM Alien Galaxy Shutter, Custom Black Powder coated Y-Factor 1/1, and 2 Czeckmate proto few small scratches, HOT Proto, scratches on rims.

That’s around $810, just making a point you have Js I want min t I’ll trade good, same for throws.

E1ns first run mint c’mon, someone…


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Got some worn twice in box Jordan 5lab3 black reflective

I looked those up, very cool just not my style and on the forums they go for $120-135 new. So I’m guessing you would have no prob selling for a hundo.

Like maybe you have a Mint Candy Blasted Enigma or Valve, a cheaper ILYY. Or smth worth around $40ish I would do the shoes and the yoyo for my Confetti Ac2 or whatever you are wanting we can make a deal.

Good luck just not my style so have to offer lowball :frowning:

Any yoyo s on my life?

What forums can I add them too I need to get rid of them

Thought I sent it. But here it is if not


I have 2 enigmas in new condition

Sick of a bumped yeg

Much for confetti ac2?

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