fs/ft: yyf proton, toohot prototype


all prices include shipping (US only; i am willing to ship internationally, if you want to pay the extra shipping). all throws are near mint (no visible marks, but i have thrown them) unless specified otherwise. i’m also open to trades, though i’m not looking for anything specific. i’d prefer mint or near mint, and i like bright colors :slight_smile:

yoyofactory aqua proton. has a couple of light scratches (i’ve only thrown it a few times, so i’m not sure if it came like that or i put them there). $50


yoyofactory toohot prototype. couple of pretty deep dings. $25




Would you be willing to trade the cypher and pink popstar for a victor gravitsky protostar? Or the pink popstar and the token?


Pmed about Token


bump. merry christmas!


Is the accelerator dead smooth? Like, as in… It does not have any vibe. I want it :slight_smile:

So sorry about this free bump, DIDINT mean to… Sorry!!^^


I’m interested in that Proton :blush:


Contact me if the proton is still up for sale. Thelonethrower98@gmail.com


will you take 15$ for toohot

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