great deal for protostar....come look

ok well im really dying for a protostar right now and i dont have money so im offering a trade for one. im only looking for a mint one. so this will be how it goes. you buy a protostar off of a site for me in red and i will send you the stuff once i recieve it.

what im trading or selling
a dyed new breed- it is dyed purple with white splash(not by me). it plays nice and such, has dings that i satined down.
stock projam- its dyed purple with a white web design. this is by me, it plays pretty good for a stock projam. it would be a great first yoyo for someone
and a pack of 10 green/black gator floss string. yes gator floss. its great string and i love gator floss.

pm me if your interested
i would sell it all for aroung 45 shipped

10 bucks and a modded maverick is sillied ;D u send first please