Quitting sale!!! June 13th is my last day before I delete my account, buy stuff!


I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t have the time anymore to throw and I’m going to be leaving the forums. I want to sell off my collection except for maybe 1-2 throws and take a break for awhile.

Everything in the picture is for sale. Not looking to trade unless it’s for a Chief. I don’t have one and I’d like to.

In order, left to right, top to bottom.

Yomega Ooch. Old style, unresponsive.
MagicYo N9.
C3 DarkStar
YYF Velocity.

Also have 40-50 Regular Kitty, Orange
30ish Croco strings.
Bag of random strings
, lube and holders.

Also willing to sell the case. Holds 12. Made from a Sega Game Gear case.

I’m also getting a Token and 2 MagicYo T5s in the mail.

So PM me with any offers, I’m not looking to be low balled and I don’t care how long it takes to sell. Worst case they go on eBay.

In case anyone is wondering id sell everything for $350 and that’s EVERYTHING!!



Kitteh Code 2 has been traded!!


Bump!!! Everything left is going on eBay June 13th!!!


Sorry, Ignore this post. I was not aware that posting on someone else’s BST is a forum offense.


Bump, 4 days left


Hump day bump.

3 days left

Summit is gone


Last day!! Alls that’s left is

2 Magic Yo t5s
C3 token
Magic yo n9
C3 DarkStar
Yyf velocity

$75 takes all!!!

Also have a set of Stunt Pegs for sale!!!

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