(Q) #1

Hey guys. Quin is on the verge of passing out and I was just wondering if you guys know anything funny I could do to him while he was out?



(DOGS) #3

Tell him I said hi

(Q) #4

He says he loves you.


Take permanent(you might not wanna do this if you don’t want a mad Quin) and draw on his face. Or just use a regular marker lol

(Q) #6

Should I be worried?


Very much so.

(Q) #8

He can’t be mad at meee. :slight_smile:


Draw a mustache on his face, build a big structure on him, put his hand in hot water, put shaving cream In his hand and wiggle string on his nose. I don’t know but those are some fun Ideas.


Kick him repeatedly.

(UmeNagisa) #11



Wait, how are you typing this if you are passed out?


I don’t think Q is Quin… wait i’m confused now…


Q is Quin, Quin just isn’t Q.


._. Still don’t understand, but OK!


See, it makes perfect sense.


Duct tape him to the floor.

(Q) #18

This is Quin’s GF, guys. -.-’

I ended up putting a heart on his wrist, and now I’m just watching him sleep.

Best way to wake him up?

(SR) #19

Take all of his yoyos, and throw them on the floor.

(Q) #20

We’re staying at his parent’s house and he brought ONE YOYO.