Hey guys. Quin is on the verge of passing out and I was just wondering if you guys know anything funny I could do to him while he was out?


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Tell him I said hi

He says he loves you.

Take permanent(you might not wanna do this if you don’t want a mad Quin) and draw on his face. Or just use a regular marker lol

Should I be worried?

Very much so.

He can’t be mad at meee. :slight_smile:

Draw a mustache on his face, build a big structure on him, put his hand in hot water, put shaving cream In his hand and wiggle string on his nose. I don’t know but those are some fun Ideas.

Kick him repeatedly.


Wait, how are you typing this if you are passed out?

I don’t think Q is Quin… wait i’m confused now…

Q is Quin, Quin just isn’t Q.

._. Still don’t understand, but OK!

See, it makes perfect sense.

Duct tape him to the floor.

This is Quin’s GF, guys. -.-’

I ended up putting a heart on his wrist, and now I’m just watching him sleep.

Best way to wake him up?

Take all of his yoyos, and throw them on the floor.

We’re staying at his parent’s house and he brought ONE YOYO.