You can wake him up by holding his nose. He’ll think that he’s drowning.


The sound of one yoyo dropped onto a hard surface is enough to put a yoyoer into cardiac arrest. It’ll wake him up in a heartbeat.


Quin loves beaters he doesnt care about dings…


Tie him to a chair and put him in a dark room. Jolt him awake with a scream.


Scream “They’re taking the hobbits to Isengard!”

(Q) #26

He’s never seen LoTRs.

sometimes I wonder why we date.


1)Splash Water on his face
2)Take him outside and throw a snowball at his face
3)Put him on a chair and start spinning him fast…
4)Pull his hair.

(Q) #28
  1. That’s just mean.
  2. He’s really big.
  3. See 2.
  4. See 1.


1)Get a dead fly and put it in his mouth


Aw well that eliminates my other suggestion to stroke his head saying “Precious”

(Q) #31

Are you saying I look like Gollum? >:(


no I’m saying that would be funny it is by no means an insult just a joke.


Okay here’s what you do lay him on his side so he doesn’t choke on his tongue. Next you want to make sure he is breathing and has a heartbeat. After that put a blanket on him so when he wakes up he thinks he took a nap so he wont freak out. If he doesn’t come out of it if not in 24 hours Quin doesn’t come out call 911. Also what caused him to pass out? If known this could change this dramatically on how you should react to this.


Wow Abby this was one of the most grammatically correct post you’ve had.

(Q) #35

He passed out from a certain brand of drinks…


Tell him he is a dumbo.


So he was drinking… I agree tell him he’s a dumbo

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(Q) #39

Not those kind.



Ever since you’ve been posting on the forums and I met you… This is the strangest post yet from you…