quick pre-bac sale: mint red g5, star pnchline rptr... $50ea. pics.

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hiya! bac’s coming up, and since i’m sure to incur further expense with that…

2 yo-yo’s for sale, both awesome and in awesome shape.
• when i play a g5, i reach for my 555, so no real need to keep this one, even though it’s probably smoother. red with multi-colored z-stacks. totally mint. - $50 shipped (us).

• wouldn’t sell the punchline, but i have 3 others. it’s star grade, presumably for the scratch (shown). otherwise, it’s flawless. - $50 shipped (us).

paypal only please.


PM’d about the punchline hit me back


pm’d you :wink: (G5)


still got your g5???


.40$ for g5


if you still have the g5 i can paypal you 50$ today


ill pay 60 pm me


Hey I’ve got a custom painted Dark Magic 2 and I’d Like to know if you would be able to sell me the G5 for $30 if I give you my Dark Magic 2


Do you realize how old this post is…

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