Questions II

Above) I made the topic Questions II, b/c I have already made a topic bout one month ago about Questions too)
So, my questions are:
1)My hands are real dry, and my mom wants me to put lotion on them… Thing is, should I be yo-yoing with lotion on my hands? Why?
2)My mom wants to know if there has to be a special lube to use on bearings? Can’t we just use other kinds of lubes?
3)So, when I stripped my axle, I went to ACE hardware store to get a new one. I found ball-bearings… Can I use bearings from hardware stores as well? What are the stats of this?
4)I might have more questions as this thread goes along.

  1. I wouldnt yoyo after using lotion, but its your call, experiment and see how it goes. I would recommend lotioning after a yoyo sesh, and ps, cold pressed coconut oil or jojoba oil works 10x better than lotion, is more natural, and feels better overall. If its the tops of your fingers getting dry, you could always use some tape before a sesh…

  2. Yes you want to use a thinner lube, i have heard that you can use trumpet valve oil or sewing oil if youre looking for the most economical solution (but cant attest to how well these work), but it doesnt hurt to pick up a bottle of lube at the YYE shop, itll last forever.

  3. Check the size of whatever your bearing is at the YYE store, it has the dimensions, then compare that to the hardware store and see if any match up.

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  1. You can, it just might feel weird and make your string greasy.
  2. Specialty yoyo bearing lubes are best, but any low viscosity lube should do the trick (sewing machine oil).
  3. They will work on size C bearing yoyos if the bearings measure .250 x .500 x .187.
  4. I’ll answer your questions if I can.

Edit- has answers to many questions.

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Thanks! But how do I know my Yomega Mav is a c bearing? Or any kind of yo?

If I do get some other oil/lube, how many times do i have to lube it again do you think?
How will I see what size my bearing is?

Which Maverick? Neither type of Maverick takes a size C, but do you mind posting a pic so we can tell which bearing it needs? Check the yoyo specifications on YYE to determine the bearing size of a yoyo, then go to to check the exact measurements of that bearing size.
Only a pinhead worth of lube is needed.

(Above ^)
Yomega Highspeed Maverick. And ok.
I meant like, how many times a week/month do i have to lube my yo yo if I don’t use yo-yo lube? (I have to go do piano, I’ll get the image after. 20 minutes! brb!)

I thought the HighSpeed Maverick was a C-Bearing yoyo.

It is, people don’t research enough.

oh shoot! I gtg, sorry guys!

You don’t need to lube yoyo bearings very often, it doesn’t matter what kind of lube. I only lube my bearings after cleaning them.

It is almost size C.

Yeah, the only problem Yomega has.

Also, Just take your yoyo and see what fits, just do NOT force anything. Just buy a 5.00 bottle of Thin Lube. It will last forever because you only need a microscopic amount in your bearing.

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