questions about the forum expert prize???

so when you become a forum expert, Andre` says he’ll give you a dark magic bearing. what’s so special about this bearing??? and what are the national master caps?

He said you receive a Dark Magic bearing national master caps. Bearing as in having. So it’s basically a Dark Magic with national master caps, which are just different caps that say national master on them.


“This selected member will be sent a signed certificate as an official Forum Expert at as well as a Dark Magic bearing the special edition National Master caps (note: color of yo-yo will vary).”

The dark magic will have the caps the say national master on them, and you don’t just get the bearing you’ll get the whole yoyo. lol

oh well i feel kinda stupid right now :-[ :-[

lol, I had to reread that the first time i saw it too. ;D

pink and black baby

No. He puts the caps on a regular Dark Magic. Also,

Last but the opposite of least, you shouldn’t try to help people just so you can get a prize.

Yeah I know. I was just reading this and got a little confused ;D
BUt I personally help people because I actually like it. I get a good feeling when I know that someone got better thnx to me :-[