How do I add the picture straight to my BST page? So I don’t have to put in a link? It looks a lot better that way! Please help!

a great tutorial found here thanks to link


Thanks so much!


In case that was obscure, here’s how. Once you’ve copied and pasted your Imagelink into the document, highlight it and press the image tag button. This is the second icon in on the bottom, just above the post box. It looks like a little picture frame. I had this exact same problem, hope this helps.


It still doesn’t make it a full pic, it’s just a tiny pic icon which isint even my pic


Or how long does it take for the image to resize and actually show up?


What site did you upload it to?




Get the direct link to the image


Then put the image tags before it and after it. Result. :slight_smile:

You might not have the direct link or it might be a rediculous size if it isn’t working properly… always works for me.

Edit: should have read that sticky post… Sorry guys


All i see is a pic with a question mark, exactlly what i did and what comes up!


another easy option is changing to imgur. switched from flickr and never looking back

also imgur gives the link in the form to use in forums that would look like this

[ IMG][/IMG ]


I’ll try it now! Thanks so much!


Imgur is a lot easier than Flickr. I’ve used both.