Question for colin- will yoyoing reach a point where everything has been done?


Do you think yoyoing will ever reach a point where everything has been done. Like every possible, element trick or movement being done before and where yoyoing becomes less and less innovative because there simply aren’t any new things to do?


Maybe in 1A… but there’s still a ton of room in the other 4 styles for innovation, and then there’s always the option of having new styles come out as well. I’m not worried :slight_smile:


Interesting viewpoint.
But i think so as well, mainly because i am not a very creative player and I have quite some trouble comming up with something decent and it often happened that when i created something that i thought was pretty good a lot of the times i discovered shortly after the trick has already been done by someone else.

But as you said if u look at 5A for example it always looks very unique with every player and i feel that there is always something new the top tier players in this category discover.

(Josiah Lyons) #4

They should have off string counter weight!