Question about yoyoexpert string

Just a quick question, I need to buy some more string but I’m not going to purchase any before I ask this.
So, does yoyoexpert string length vary depending on the color? B/C a lot of places I’ve bought string will have all the colors but colors like pink and orange will be pretty short while yellow and green are a lot longer. Is this the case with yoyo expert? Because I really would like to buy pink string but not if its real short.
Thanks to anyone who can help.

I have not noticed a diffrence in langth from the strings I bought form here
they are all very long (to me i am 5"1’)

no dif.

They don’t differ by color, but some are shorter and longer in the packs. In the batch of string I just got about half were a couple inches longer / shorter.

Hmm. My experience has been different. During the use of many bundles of YYE string, I have noticed this: Blue and purple strings tend to be shorter, greens are usually mid-length, and oranges and pinks are longer. This variation is only in an inch or two, maybe three, but it is still there. Your experiences may vary.

Thanks for the info guys

i make my own string and i always exaggerate length way to long, i’m 6 foot 2 inches and it’s still like a foot above my head,