Question about rules

Is double dragon allowed in any division? Like if I wanted to do double dragon in 3a or 4a or 5a, just as long as I kept it as close to the rules of the division as possible. I checked nyyl but the definitions of some of the divisions weren’t perfectly clear.

Email Steve and/or NYYL directly.

It probably wouldn’t score very well.

Hmm… I’m kind of wondering if it would score at all. I’d only do it for like 10 seconds.

4A and 5A yes, 3A no. For completeness it’s also a no in 1A and 2A (though outside of competition is really like to see what it would be like with looping)

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Rats. 3a is what I was gonna do. Oh, well, I’ll just skip the idea.

I would like to see that. make a video of it.


Can you explain why?

If you ask me, Double Dragon is closer to 3A and 1A than anything else.

You could do it in an X division if it’s at your contest