Question about circuit stuff.


Hello there.

I’ve been thinking about some idea for a string rig for a while. Sadly, these ideas include running motors which I have absolutely no idea how to wire. So, I was hoping that someone with a little more knowledge in this area would help me out :slight_smile:

Basically, I want to run four small motors (, from one battery. Do I string them all together?

(this is the idea that I had)

Further, what kind of wire and battery would I need for this? I think it’s a 9 volt battery, but I’m really not too sure. Does the wire kind even matter?

Thanks in advanced guys, it’ll be a big help.


the way you have it is in series. You need to run them in parallel. If you run them in series and one goes out then they all stop working.

series circuit

parallel circuit


You might also want to consider something like this:

RadioShack® 13.8VDC 15-Amp Power Supply

(example only, not suggesting this is the one to get)

or you will go broke buying batteries.


Hmmm I don’t know what to. to say about this time to consult my dad (he’s an engineer and used to build radios as a kid)