Multiple String Rig?

Hi everyone,

How can I make a multiple string rig? I love making homemade strings, but it takes a while to make a single string. Is there a tutorial or something?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Some people use RC motors with sliding something and a dial (Link removed! We DO NOT link to other stores.)
Someone used those mini fan motors (which you can sometimes find @ dollar stores), those seem kind of weak though.

Unclephreak (chaosyoyos) does it kind of like, there’s actual photos on ES.

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i found the pic of his rig i have been trying to figure out how to make a multi string rig but it is just traial and error if he told you he would be out of biz

As far as I know Frank still does them one at a time.

Ok I have removed all posts that are not relevant to the topic.
I did find what you were talking about yoyolunatic. I also pm’s the person that posted that link and told him he could repost it if he wanted.

Please next time pm me your concerns instead of trying to create a witch hunt.

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Thanks for cleaning the thread, Icthus! :smiley: