Question about backup yoyos

Ok so I’m planning on going to the NER in a month and I’m getting pretty pumped. I’m currently playing with a YYF Northstar and I know I need a backup one for the contest. However, I’ve got my eye on a One Drop Burnside and I’ve been saving up my money. However, I definitely won’t be able to buy a backup one as well. If I buy the duplicate Northstar, it’ll take me a while to save the money back up. I’ll probably end up doing the latter, but would it be okay to play the contest with a Burnside and use my Northstar as a backup? I figured probably not because they probably play quite differently, but I was just wondering what you guys think.

depends on you really. If you can use one yoyo then pick up another with out missing a beat then you are fine.
What I would do is not plan to be killing it anyhow and just go ahead and buy what ever yoyo I wanted and use the one I like best out of the two for the show.
So basicly I would buy the burnside and use the northstar as my back up.
Your chances of winning are not good if you change yoyos either way.

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They do play differently but there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t compete with two different yoyos.


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I dont understand why people need the same yoyo, or to use the one they used for the recent months. I have never practiced with a certain yoyo, then used it. I always take 200$ to contests, and usuallly use a yoyo I bought less than an hour prior to my freestyle. Honestly, I think you could use just about anything.

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Well it’s decided! Thanks for the help guys, really looking forward to my first contest.

Id definitely go for the burnside its a great throw

Yeah I’ve been itching to get a metal ever since I played with my friend’s Genesis. Hard to go back to plastic after the euphoric feeling of finger-grinding aluminum. The Burnside seemed to be the best value and I’ve heard great things about it and One Drop.

i know plenty of ppl that were just borrowing throws to have as back up to go on stage last year lol
;D yoyoers are pretty chill like that

I need to know who they are borrowing from because my throws suck!

You don’t need all the same yoyo in 1a, but you do for the other styles.

You can probably just borrow someone’s Northstar if you ask.

YYE Stand :).

The Burnside plays pretty similar to the Northstar. You could bring you Northstar up as backup.

I decided to get a Fool’s gold Avalanche instead of the Burnside, but I’m still using the NS as a backup. Thanks for the advice!