Quentin Godet

So, he dominated the Offstring division in EYYC, but was un-sponsored. Has he gotten sponsored yet? If so, by whom?

He didn’t “dominate.” Although he deserved the win. But that is a very good question

he did dominate with a 22point difference which is A LOT.


Oh… I didn’t know that. But it all depends on how you use the word “dominate.” If you mean “won by a large margin” yes, but certain other meanings, no. But this is kind of off topic. To answer the original question: google it.

I am pretty sure that’s what “dominate” means.

Not actually. to rule over; govern; control.

So, given that as your definition what were you thinking the OP meant?!? Pretty sure that when someone uses the word “dominate” in relation to a contest of any kind, it doesn’t mean what your definition would imply…

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Stuart is losing this debate lol

Sure… but isn’t this a little off topic? If you want to turn this into a debate you can… Btw, as to the question i googled it to the best of my ability and didn’t find anything on the sponsorship question :P. Guess i’m not a good researcher.

Yeah, i get what you’re saying i was just saying that he didn’t dominate in literal words. Not saying he didn’t win by a lot (however i didn’t know that originally), just saying he didn’t “dominate.”

If winning by over 20 points, winning one of the largest and most respected contest in yoyo history, and literally getting the attention of many top 4A players saying that they might need to “step up their game” if he is coming to worlds…I really think your idea of what is dominating might be a bit off

Since a lot of people are very concerned about what a specific choice of words might potentially imply, let me make sure I’m absolutely crystal clear on this one:

Shut up. Watch this one hundred more times. Then go practice.


Yoyojam put his eyyc freestyle on their page if that means anything. I get what you’re all saying; I wasn’t meaning to open up a debate about the subject i was just sayin’ what i was thinking. Sorry about that.

C3 did everyone, YYF does all of Worlds I believe.

some people just don’t want to be sponsored because they don’t want to be restrained with what yoyos they use maybe he’s one of those type of people. One of my friends I know of got an offer by Dif-E-Yo but he turned it down for that reason and he didn’t like the “vibe” that the company was giving.

Really? How can anyone not like Frank’s “vibe”?? He’s one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met!

Yeah honestly Frank is a great dude with a great company…

Quentin is amazing for 4a and is giving the style a much needed kick of passion. I hope 4a starts to florish because of him. He just had this insane amount of energy to that freestyle.

HOLY CRAP. Those ending few tricks.

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i don’t think 4a needed anything. michael nakamura only got really good a year ago. alex lee is getting a lot better. rei iwakura is making incredible soloham tricks.

if you are referring to european 4a, i agree, but i think the whole world has plenty of 4a passion.
i know i do.