putting stacks on 888


My stacks on my 888 came off and i’m having troubles getting them back on. Is there a trick to it?? I slide the bearing & stack on but getting that o-ring on is just not happening. Is there an easier way that someone knows about?? let me know. Please and thank you in advance!


just press those suckers in ;D


i had the same problem and this is how you do it
remove stack from bearing put bearing on put o ring on put stack back on

(Mitch) #4

First you but bearing A onto post B… The I found the easiest way to do the O-ring is to kinda set it on the post at an angle and use your thumb to push and stretch it over the post… Once its onuse your thumb nails to push it all the way onto the bearing… then just pop the stack over all of it


Take a toothpick and cut it in half. Put the stack and bearing on. Push one side of the o-ring down with half of the toothpick. Push the other side of the o-ring down with the other half of the toothpick. Using that same one go around to get the rest of the o-ring down.


thanks druminpython, that worked perfectly.