Puffin 2 profile

Not sure if anyone else has seen this. All credit goes to yoyo brothers and CLYW. Looks pretty good to me.
Reminds me of a YYR.


Really liking that P2 profile.

We’ll, I’m about to spend all my money when that comes out.

It looks like a metal Speedaholic :stuck_out_tongue:

Literally all their new throws look amazing. I want them all. :’(

I hope it comes out before christmas!

This is or probably going to the the one I get out of l get out of all the new ones.

Is it just me, or are tops getting a little streamlined.

The first puffin was my favorite because of the “fat” profile on the halves. But hey, it is a signature yoyo, changes with the player.

I’m hoping they don’t remove the cut in the Cliff/Glacier

:o ??? Another new yoyo out of CLYW? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Any idea on this guys release date?

I like the original puffin’s profile better this to me is not for me. I’ll still probably get it and if I don’t like I’ll probably trade it for a bonfire.

I’ve been waiting to go public with the Puffin 2 until we have artwork and final anodized models here (which will be Tuesday or so) … but it appears that I should probably say something about the Puffin2 now then huh since the cat is out of the bag?

So here it goes:

When we did the first Puffin design Palli didn’t have much say in it. He just loved it so much so he asked for it to be his new signature model, but as his tricks evolved and he got more used to it he wanted to make it fit his style better, ie: horizontals, finger spins, more stability …

Palli wanted to keep the diameter and the width, so we didn’t change those things. Plus he liked the outer rim as well and wanted to keep it. It was just that bump in the profile that had to go …

So we got rid of the bump in the profile and smoothed it out to give a bigger catch zone and allow it to tilt better for horizontals. We added a little bit of an edge on the profile, to break up the surface, because it didn’t look that great smooth. Plus we also lowered the wall to make it better for horizontal play. We then got rid of the inner rings to make it easier for manufacturing. Then we got rid of the nipple and put a stumpy one in like the Glacier Express so that he could do finger spins.

I designed it with Palli over Skype and had Charles over my shoulder for constructive criticism. So it was a great collaboration


I’m so sorry Chris, I foolishly assumed that because it was on Instagram that you were ready to let the public see. I hope you can forgive me. :-[

That kinda sucks that they’d leak this without asking if it was ok first. For shame.

I wasn’t really into the original arctic circle or Gnarwhal myself, so I gave the new ones a miss, but I must admit that ever since I tried the original Puffin, I was a big fan. I might have to pick one of these up.

My only reservation is after playing with a zero-walled wide throw all day (new Superstar), I’ve found that it rejects very poorly, which isn’t all that good. The original Puffin rejects fine due to its higher wall, but I don’t know about how the new one will perform in this catagory.

At any rate, it has my attention (and Gregs, I’m sure…), so I eagerly await the release. :slight_smile:

I feel so stupid right now…

Spilt milk mate, it wasn’t you who put it up on instagram so you shouldn’t feel bad. There was no way of you really knowing, the blame is on the people that had their hands on a prototype and uploaded the photo in the first place.

Love how unique the original Puffin is. Palli competes; he needs a competition throw with more rim weight vs the original. Since the whole “type” of yoyo is fairly different, I wish I could try before buying since I don’t strictly need another competition throw. That said, still very interested. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, I still feel bad, but you guys helped cheer me up!

Relax man, I would’ve done the same thing! ;D I think we all get excited over yo-yos sometimes.

Its not your fault at all about everyone finding out ahead of time, its whoever made the awesome mistake of putting it on instagram’s fault :stuck_out_tongue: