proyos and foam

is there a local store to buy duncan proyos and some foam to make a case?

Foam can be found at Jo-Ann Fabrics, or any fabric store. Duncan ProYos can be found at Big-Y, or Stop&Shop. I found one at Big-Y many times.

I have found proyos at many places: Walgreens, Big-5, Sports Authority, Toys r us, even a safeway.

Foam can be found at Jo-ann fabrics, as well as some hobby and craft stores.

Also, check too see if there are any specialty foam stores in your area.

There is a place in SF near me that had foam, and they dumped out all the foam scraps in their dumpster, many of which were the perfect size for my case projects.

Good luck!


Toys R’ Us for the ProYo’s and for the foam… Micheals, or another scrapbooking store.

Big 5 is very good about keeping there yoyo stock good. That would be your best bet.

yea its a good place at big 5 i got a duncan freehand 2 there