Promo video of spintops at worlds 2017


Fernando Turegano made this video promoting the spintop competition at worlds:

See you in Iceland!


Hey, this isn’t good promo, today is 2017 and it’s really hard watch videos like this. Pictures? Where is dynamic of YoYo?
YoYo is like poe orbs, they look nicer on the move than on the pictures. If I wanted to sell orbs to another player, I would have to show him something interesting. The most beautiful of all poe currency are exalted orbs, they look like some faces connected to each other ^^
After exalted there are and other currencies, but not all are used, mostly with Exalted Orbs and Chaos Orbs.
Buy lots of exalted on odealo and exchange for other poe orbs, maybe someone has a path of exile orbs for sale, and maybe someone wants to buy exalted orbs


That was the most awkward spam I ever read.