Profile Notes & Reference Regarding BST Transactions!


Everytime I do a BST with someone, I put in the details of the feedback to the other person, what I purchased, and how much I paid, to reference for future trades or if I want to keep a record on the site. Problem is, when I pick up a yo-yo and wonder how much I paid for it 6 months later and who I bought it from, I have to click all the usernames on my profile, look into their feedback, find my username and click on the details to see if that was the transaction. I always put the gist of the transaction, whether I am the buyer or seller, in the details of feedback to the other person.

I always write, I bought his mint X for $… And go on to describe how things went…

It would be cool if, on my own profile, I could enter my own details about the transaction. I only see a place for general comments on my general profile, but that is not for me to list about transactions. I may use it for that now, as I doubt anyone reads those comments anyway. What do you think of putting a link on each feedback comment so I can enter my own reference notes? I’d love that. I can keep track on a note pad, but it would be easier online to access anywhere, and if I can enter the notes on someone else’s profile…it would be nice to enter on my own too. One stop reference. I don’t think it would take much to implement a place to type in notes.

Also, I’m aware if this is implemented those who receive negative feedback will now have a place to rebut the negative feedback received and state their case. With this in place, the negative still stands, but the person will get to say, “sorry, my house burned down and I no longer had the yo-yo, my fault, but I returned the money.” Ebay allows it in their system too. Thoughts?

Also, question:

If a mod can chime in and tell me if they would erase a bunch of comments I put on my profile that says:

From username X I bought a mint Y for $

And I’d make a list. I want to know before I research all those transactions and do it :wink:

I wanted to resell a yoyo I bought off the BST. I wanted to remember how much I paid and who I got it from. I had to go to my feedback, and click like 8 usernames before I found the info. It would be better all on my own profile.


You could use the comment section for that, or you could also send yourself a PM with the notes as well. If you put stuff in you want removed we could do that. Maybe you can too I don’t know.


Personally speaking, I would leave the price out of the descriptions. That’s a private matter between you and the seller. Trades, well, we’re talking item for item, no harm no foul.

As far as the rest… The idea has merit. I like the concept of negative points being able to be addressed. Stuff happens, so those who work to not be negative can show “oops” and “we fixed it”. The scammers will still get nailed.

I track my own BST via a database. This is also tracked on another area of the database that pertains strictly to inventory. The information is completely different. The inventory page does track “store price” and “paid price” as well as where it was obtained from, and specs and stats. The BST page is much simpler: item, price, condition, when it shipped, when received, who/other party, Did they leave feedback for me, did I leave feedback for them… I do this in a timely manner so I don’t get a chance to forget things.

(BTW, there’s a few of you who didn’t leave feedback. Please!! I left you feedback!)

Now, I have to go add 10 new yoyos to the inventory, all which should be here within 12 days. I’m debating getting a Positron right now.


Thanks for chiming in and giving permission. I will use the comments on the profile home page. But you got me thinking about PMs. I could save a message to myself with just an ongoing list of transactions, but it would get lost in my inbox and outbox.

Idea 2:
It would be cool to have a spare message box for whatever we want to use it for too. You know, how email addresses give you a box for drafts and you can make separate folders and name them for different things. Probably easy to implement too.


buy a notebook. easy fix, no need to hassle mods.


I addressed the notebook issue. The mod didn’t seem hassled. He spoke for himself. No need to hassle me. If you read that post you wouldn’t have missed it, but apparently you did. Thanks but no thanks.


Totalartist isn’t hassling anyone. Suggestions are suggestions. All are worth posting if they are relavant to the site.