ProfessorRoderickLikeman's Yo-yos for Sale(eBay)


Professor Roderick Likeman here to share with you the yo-yos I have for sale. This post has been modified to give you, the customer the largest savings I can possibly give you. These yo-yoes are priced to SELL.

If you have any questions about a particular yo-yo or are interested in buying one please e-mail me at This is the best way to actually get in touch with me. I prefer PayPal to any other form of payment. My PayPal address is

Here is what I have:

3YO3 Capella - $50 +S/H
Pair of Yomega Raider Ex with spacer sets - $20 +S/H
Yoyofactory 2010 888x - $60 +S/H - SOLD
YoYoJam X-Con - $25 +S/H
SPYY Pistolero - $70 +S/H - SOLD
Yoyofactory White Loop 720 - $10 +S/H
Yoyofactory Trans Blue Loop 720 - $10 +S/H
Yoyofactory White/Red Loop 720’s - $20 +S/H
HSPIN Beysick Satin Rims - $40 +S/H
Werrd 4XL Satin no Jimmy Hats - $30 +S/H
Duncan Red FH2 Sili Satin - $15 +S/H
Duncan Blue FH2 Sili Satin - $15 +S/H
Duncan Green FH2 Sili Satin - $15 +S/H
Duncan 2010 Freehand Trans Purplish Brown Gummies Satin - $15 +S/H
Duncan Trans Blue FHZ Element X Rings - $20 +S/H
Throwdown Luchador Gummies - $50 +S/H
Throwdown Luchador Sili Schmoove Ring - $50 +S/H
Custom Mag Avenger Satin Rims wider gap fixed axle insert included- $20 +S/H
Yoyofactory PGM - $25 +S/H
Duncan Throw Monkey Sili Ballistic Caps - $20 +S/H
Yoyofactory Mighty Flea small pack of thin strings- $40 +S/H - SOLD
Yellow 50/50 string partial bundle - $7 +S/H
Chaos String mixed bundle of all of their types - $15 +S/H

You can always visit the Barking Spider Product page for more great options at:

I will ship anywhere at your cost for shipping. Domestic shipping in the US is $5 for Priority Flat Rate Small Box or Envelope. International Shipping is $13 for Priority Flat Rate Small Box or Envelope.


Did some work to the Throw Monkey and updated.


Links not working BTW


Thanks for letting me know. I will work on getting the pics up. I can email pics to people that want them.


I will trade you a SEVERE for the C13 and Cherrybomb. The SEVERE is in good condition and has one ding and one or two small marks, does not affect play.


You have a deal. PM or email me address info and we will make this happen.


it is a acid washed red.


UPDATED with pending offers, Trans-Axtion, and Modded FHZ


can i buy the pair of hourglass yoyos for 13? i live in canada and only have canadian dollars. is that okay. i do not have paypal so i can only mail you the cash.


Russell’s sold


Added to wants list


Added Severe and Reshaped FHZ. Added to Wants list.


Not accepting trades right now.


Now with awesome picture action!


Updated and added new yo-yoes


PM sent


Pink reshaped FHZ Sold


Suspending trades again. Need a new phone badly. I would appreciate some help with that.


A new phone literally fell into my lap so trades are back on for yo-yoes in my wants list.


The Mega Sale begins!