Yo-Yos For Sale and Trade: YYJ, YYF, Spin Dynamics

Hey Everyone,

Here are a few yo-yos that I’m hoping to sell/trade. The prices I’m looking for each yo-yo can be found underneath its picture, with some details about the yo-yo itself. If you’d like any more information, be sure to shoot me a PM. Buying multiple yo-yos will discount your total pricepoint. Also, please let me know if you are an international buyer/trader beforehand.

I will not respond to a PM that isn’t written in a formal manner. No abbreviations. No slang.

Yo-yos I’m looking to trade for:

  • SPYY Dynamo
  • Werrd Bad Decision
  • Werrd Tre
  • Werrd Sentinel
  • YYJ Inspire
  • Offer, but don’t try to rip me off

All sales are only done through PayPal, and payments should be sent as a gift, to avoid special fees.


Cyclonz Modded Kickside

  • Silicone recessed
  • DAMAGE: Some molding marks, but other than that no damage

Pricepoint: $15


YoYoFactory Starbrite

  • Comes with a SPEC bearing
  • DAMAGE: Mint :slight_smile:

Pricepoint: $13


YoYoFactory 2.0

  • These were only sold in retail stores, so finding these online are tough
  • DAMAGE: 2 small pin-pricks

Pricepoint: $40

YoYoJam Phenom (24K Gold Rings) SOLD

  • Comes with a One Drop 10 ball bearing
  • DAMAGE: 1 small nick and 1 hairline scratch
  • Comes with box

Pricepoint: $75


YoYoFactory 44Clash Avant Garde

  • Really amazing anodizing job. If anything this is a collectors item.
  • DAMAGE: 1 spec-sized nick, I mistook it for dust at first glance

Pricepoint: $120


Spin Dynamics Smooth Move

  • Rare anodizing job with Soda Blasted finish
  • DAMAGE: Mint :slight_smile:
  • Comes with box

Pricepoint: $90

One Drop Cascade SOLD

  • Blood Orange colorway. One of the first releases
  • DAMAGE: Mint :slight_smile:
  • Comes with box

Pricepoint: $100

Thanks for looking!

-Graeme Steller

Cascade is gone! Updated wants.