Professionally made YoYo Tutorial, Fruit Shoot's Will Ford For Beginners


Hey Guys! A company I work for and i made a Tutorial, filmed on a beach teaching a few tricks to all you beginners out there (:
So here you go guys, Enjoy!


(Kei) #2

Awesome tuts! I’m sure will be a huge help to beginners.


I dig the split screen. Very well done.


wow amazing tutorial, i wish more people made tuts like these…
one thing i have to say about it though. you taught double or nothing but not trapeze… you should learn trapeze before double or nothing imo

(J. Lev) #5

I was thinking the same thing.

Regardless, that was a really groovy tutorial! I like it very much. Good on you!


sweet tut its gonna help me alot of my double or nothing

(Q) #7

Can I have your accent? Please?

Great video. This could turn into a quite enjoyable little series.