Professionalism, seriousness and courtesy

A few days ago (Thursday) I received a No Jive purchased from a well-known Spanish Shop as soon as I opened the box I noticed that the yoyo had a dent at the edge of a cup but also the area of impact is uniformly covered by transparent varnish finishing, then you must be a defect occurred during construction of the cup.
The Seller has shot the image directly to Tom Kuhn asking for information about what to do and two days (Saturday) sent me a new No Jive!
I think proper to tell my experience in the forums I frequent because I do not think it is so common to find in front of so much courtesy and professionalism obviously love what is their job.
Thank you from now Tom Kuhn and Spanish Shop for all this, complimenting still with them.

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That’s fantastic! The yoyo community is full of great people.

Absolutely true!
and I have to correct myself, the new yoyo was sent to me immediately, on Thursday morning the same!
I see now from tracking.
Really, I have no words … or maybe one, thanks!

(Ed you did the best thing in the world to be part of their team! ;))

Today I got the new No Jive, clearly perfect … I did not really words to thank Jesus … I expected availability and courtesy, but I did not imagine it this far! Thanks again with all my heart!
so much so that I’m there I spend a few words on this yoyo … surprising (and disconcerting in some ways) than for re-discover the pleasure and fun to play with fixed axis has made a journey that has passed for 85 unresponsive yoyo!
The No Jive is a yoyo made with absolute precision, which in its three possible configurations changes the feel and responsiveness (the width of the gap in butterfly configuration is different from when mounted imperial configuration) and is very pleasant and relaxing engage in stall, snap-start, stop&go, loop … and everything from videos of the legendary Ed Haponix you can see … if not then how this helps in refining the accuracy, cleanliness and the sensitivity of the movements for the unresponsive play.
Undoubtedly one of the objects that most amazed me and I enjoy it … and a timeless must (the patent of the 3 in 1 is the 1978) that every lover of yoing should have!


Usually people who are passionate about what they do are very protective of their reputation. They treat their customers the way they would want to be treated. This is less common today than it was in generations passed, but it’s great to hear about people that still care about the product they’re putting out.