Product Video Review: Aoda Immortal Star / Eternal Star |

Thought I would mix it up a bit. This week I wanted to try a video review and considering the attributes of the Aoda Imortal / Eternal Star, it seemed like the perfect chance. Warning, the video is long and I babble, but it should take just as long as if you were reading a three page essay from me about the yo-yo as it would to just sit back and listen. For those that actually watch it, there are some jokes in there for you.
Constructive Feedback very welcome, Trolls need not apply. Video Review: Aoda Immortal Star / Eternal Star YoYo

Link to the pictures and stuff -

i see a dreamcast…

If you look closely, you may also see a SNES, Sega Genesis, a Blue Producers version of the PS1 (Plays unlocked game discs), a PS2, a Atari simulator, and a stand up arcade that has 3000 classic arcade games on it.

Also a Macbook that I use for video editing.

I like my toys.

I loved the jokes and I think you did a great job on tackling all the points of views.

“Can you put it in top form?” :open_mouth: GASP.


I just ordered one after watching your review. I’m mainly interested in playing with all the configurations of the yoyo and see what plays the best. Also I might take your idea about the REALLY long axle only being partially threaded. I will attempt to grind a polish the rod so all the pieces fit on with out screwing them the whole way down the rod. I will post pictures possibly a video of my progress.

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