I just bought a Hitman Pro from the site. like, just now. Problem is I just opened my present from my girl. It was a blue Hitman Pro. Anyone know how to cancel an order? I kind of need to know before it ships.



Call em.


You could Learn 3a!


Good idea! 3a is a really cool looking style but is very difficult at some times. You have to be dedicated and have the drive to do it.


if you didn’t get a tracking# yet through your email, then you can call them tomorrow after 10am and cancel the order or get credit (cus you know you will use it in the future)

and if they did ship, you can also return it with no issues and get your $ back or … buy something different … or get credit :slight_smile:


Or contact me after the 15th of January and I’ll buy it off you. I’m looking to get a blue Hitman Pro.

But I agree with Nivo. Take the credit, you know you want something else as well!

(YoYo_Freak) #7

I think you can return stuff it is completley unused and has all the original packiging


Wow, what a coincidence, you can email them at