Problem with my Brent Stole

Hey guys. If you chat with me you probably know that I couldn’t do a brent stole a while back. I just learned how to do it. But something is wrong: my brent stole is WAAAY too small. I just can’t make it larger. Any tips?

Moving your fingers closer together might help. :slight_smile:

You can’t really make it larger. They’re just always really small. That is the way it is.

try throwing it higher and bringing your hands closer together

i usually just compensate after. right as it lands just make a few quick adjustments, like if you wanted to make a GT bigger how you just kinda work it, but i do it really fast to make it smooth. after a while it just becomes part of the trick and it gets to be second nature, part of the muscle memory.

Just keep doing it over and over again.

That’s what I did and I made my Brent Stoles larger without noticing.


mine are usually a good size…Just keep doing the trick and WATCH the slack as it makes the triangle and just problem solve through it :wink: