Prices Reduced - FS/FT: A-rt, 888, 888 66%, G2, Something, YYF, Freehand, YYF, RCS, Monty, Melford, MK1, Duncan & more

For Sale or Trade. Trade wants at the bottom.
$5 ship+fees domestic. I will ship international, ship cost calculated at sale. Please add PayPal g&s fee.

• Something ANGLAM CC (Christopher Chia Edition): Near Mint……$160
• G2 Banshee SS Pacific Fade: near mint, minor discoloration on steel rim…. $105
• G2 Banshee SS Black: basically mint, can’t
Find any damage. $115
• YYF Pragma 2: few love marks on the rim, still smooth…. $65
• Melford Special: Black Bip Bop. Mint in box…… $75
• Mk1 Contact: 2 anno burns. Comes with box and accessories…….$50
• Mk1 Exia: Rainbow Rim, one small anno burn otherwise near mint…… $80
• Monty Memento: Mint but in other Monty box. Gunmetal/purple……. $40 OBO
• Good Life Valley & Duncan butterfly: Dropped on cement once. Nice little edc……. $20 (you get both).
• YYF Steel Shutter: 2 marks you can barely see…… $55
• YYF Wide Angle Shutter: mint…. $40
YYF 888 MMXX: light rim mark, otherwise near mint…$150
YYF 888 66%: Brass Spingear Big Logo edition, extra stacks, light marks on rim… 140

• SOLD - Rain City Skills Ducc 2: mint, such a slept on throw. Don’t really want to sell, lol. Plays like a $100 throw
• SOLD -Turning Point St. Elmo
• SOLD Duncan Freehand
SOLD- A-rt Garrett
• SOLD - C3 Porykrash
• SOLD - Duncan Haymaker
SOLD - A-rt Poupon: Mint

Interested trades:
• CLYW: OG Peak, Wooly Marmont 1&2, Gorge, AC2-rare colors, Glactic Goose, 2018 Sasquatch, Ti Tundra
• OneDrop: Deeper State, Wooly Markmont, Ti Citizen, Downbeat 20/20-Sat. Market.
• A-rt: 420 (Reg. or Lite), Diptych, Tripych, Sparrow, 69, Jr, Life-Diamond Blasted, Powder Coated Grail, Woodboi, & Orphan
• G2: Respawn Lite, Dire Wolf.
MFD: PixelApe, Aotus, Conspiracy, SeaMonkey, Co Lab, Gelada, Tri-B, etc


@Mhoodlum Garrett!


Duncan Freehand: near mint, mark on rim, doesn’t affect play… $35

Can I see photso?

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Great. I will take it. What’s your paypal? And how much total do I need to send

Edit. I re read sorry. I’m domestic.

43 shipped with fees? My address will be in PayPal transaction. Thanks.

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BUMP - feeling foggy. Make me an offer!!

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BUMP - going to post office tomorrow. Holla at me with an offer dog!