FT/S: YYF, YYJ, Deadly Spins, G2, Werrd, C3, Regulus, Duncan, One Drop,+ More

Looking to BUY a Mint Matte Black Draupnir!! Get at me

I got all this stuff for sale/trade. Primarily looking to downsize so would likely do multiples for single yoyos. Things vary in condition from mint to beat. You can PM if anything catches your eye and I can give more details and pictures. Most will be let go rather cheap especially if you buy multiples.

All prices include shipping in the US, Please add $10 for Canada and anyone from another country we can discuss more detail in PM.

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List in order Top to bottom, left to right:

Surge: $15
Fhz: reshaped to an undersized flat rims, dual sili recess, schmoove rings and rubber rings under caps $23
Fhz: (stock) mint, blue/red $15
North Star x2: basically mint, $20
Protostar x2: basically mint, $20
Genesis: Satined rims, some minor marks $35
Code1: Mint, $65
Decapod: has some damage and a little vibe but still plays nice $35
Macrocosm: some pinpricks, amazing ano, $50
888x: mint, $45
Primo: bunch of dings but blend with ano, smooth $30
Superstar: satined rims, first run, good condtion $35
Skyline: Mint, $65
Atmosphere: Mint, $30
Mini motu: good condition, $25
Lunatic: Satined rims, near mint, $35
Pride: custom ano, near mint, $55
Dv888: near mint, hubstacked, $35
Echo: mint, $35
Theory: Mint, $40
Gm2: satined rims, some pricks, $35
Eneme: Satined rims, overall good condition, $35
Trident: a couple scuffs and dings, $35
Superstar: stripped raw, few pinpricks and marks, $50
Hour: (blue/black), a few marks, $35
2.0: Mint, very underrated $35
Regulus: pinpricks around rims and one big scuff, $65
Pacquiao: bunch of dings and pricks, $30
AL7 Aftershock: a few small nicks, light green/dark green, $70

Draupnir (Black, Blue, Gold, Purple, Green)
Schneider mk2
IYoYo Steel
Markmont Classic
Accelerator (Japan or eyyc)

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