**********PRICE DROPS!!**************

TRADES!!~ I have a hubstacked Project 2, one of my absolute favorite throws.  PERFECTLY smooth on the string AND Stacks! I used the hubstacks from a PGM2 and they work perfect.  I want to trade for an OG Markmont Project, or possibly a regular Project.  I am only wanting to trade this because I am getting a second Project 2.  Black and Blue color, some marks, I can send pics.

I also have a light pink M1.  I want to trade halves for your green M1.  Pink and green would look sick!

Looking for trades or cash offers:  I have the following:

Many of these are listed on Ebay with reasonable prices and PICS!!.  Here is the link: PRICES LOWERED!

CLYW Galactic Goose!- Some small marks, plays great, rare! Pending a trade

One Drop Dingo- Nearly mint in the box.  One very small mark that is hard to find.  Yellow- $40 Shipped

Werrd TFL- Polished, great player!  Some marks/dings $40 Shipped

YYF 2010 G5 with hubstacks- Plays great, has 3a white marks, none through ano. $50 Shipped

YYF Hubstacked California- Blue color, with hubstacks.  This is one of my favorites.  Love the size and shape.  Not too pretty, but plays great. $50 Shipped

YYF 888x- Aqua- shiny. Some small marks and a scratch. Plays great! $50 Shipped

YYF Genesis Miggy 2 Throwback Edition- Hubstacked, just like GM2.  Small vibe, black, very cool! $50 Shipped

Hspin Icon- Gold- some scuffs, none through ano. Awesome playing full size yo. $50 Shipped

YYF 888x- Completely Satined, looks awesome! Has some dings on rims. No stacks. Plays great. $40 Shipped

YYF Starlite- Mint in the box- Trade or $23 Shipped

YYJ Hitman Professional- Near mint in box! $40 Shipped

YYF Northstar- Mint in box- blue $35 Shipped

Spyy Skyy Chaser- Large bearing- limited edition $55 Shipped

(2) Mint translucent green Duncan FH2-  Would be a great 3A set! No bearings. $20 Shipped

Yoyo Case- Zeekio semi-hard.  Like new. Holds 12. $15 with yoyo purchase.

My want list:  I may trade 2 for 1 if you have something on my list.  Doesn’t have to be perfect, I’m looking for players- I also have cash/paypal for these:

Spyy Punchline Repeater, Speedfreak, Addiction, Trainwreck v.2, Pistolero, Ronin
YYF California w/ stacks- mint or near mint
OG Project, OG Markmont
Genesis Plus
YYF Grind Machine 2
ILYY Liopleurodon or Sakura
Any Anti-Yo
Gnarwhal, Campfire, BVM, Avalanche, Peaks
Dark Magic 2, Atmosphere
Dv888- Hardcoat or splash
Remnant 2

Mainly interested in what’s on my want list.  I can send pics to anybody interested in what I have.  I will respond to your PM quickly.  Afro

Could you hold your g5 dingo and genesis I might have buyers but keep the genisi 4 me I have a red skyline remember

I have a pgm2 that I’ll trade for the dingo or 888

Is the Genesis Miggy 2 COMPLETELY mint? How old is it?