FS/FT duncan,clyw,yyf UPDATED 04/17/10

USA and Canada only
Paypal only

ADD $5 for shipping if its not a straight up trade

looking for a turquoise throw i have paypal

WANTS: Genesis, Primo(blue and purple or pink ) 888x(red,silver) ,sb lunatic, Beysick, Stargazer, Hatrick, Die nasty, OFFee

Mint pre-production DNA - $100

good condtion 09 888(the 888 will not come with the z-stacks but just regular hubstacks) - $65

near mint duncan mayhem - $60

mint velocity V2 - $10

PICTURES: http://s750.photobucket.com/albums/xx146/xdeadeye00x/

I want that 5star

what do you want

MONEY!! lol someone has made an offer u beat it i’ll go with u i guess

sweet battle wound!
Have you tried tuning the vibe out of that project 2, or is that still an option for the buyer?

have not tried it, because i’m not quite sure on how to do it, so i guess its still an option

what do you want for the hectic

money no trades, pm me

can i buy the lyn fury for 8 bucks canadian… i cant do paypal.

what does this mean?

How was this updated on the 29th when today is only the 27th?

hahah cause my computer clock is messed up thanks

Can we get some pics? Of the 888 and bvm at least?


Do you want to trade the 888 for an X-Convict with a KK bearing and silicone and a Higgins Brother’s diabolo w/ blue sticks? Also if you don’t want the diabolo that is fine

keep all trade talk to pm’s please, its just easier, and no thank you