PRICE DROP! O-Ting [Delrin + Ti], Taurus [7075]. Cheap prices!

ADDING SOME NEW STUFF! Ask me about combo deals!

FS: Toybania x YoyoEmpire O-Ting - $40 shipped wherever you are (CONUS or International).

Mint. Zero damage. Delrin + Titanium rings. Extremely smooth on the string. The smallest hint of fingernail vibe that I’m sure you can tune out.

FS: G2 Ghost - SOLD

FS: Toybania Taurus - $35 shipped wherever you are (CONUS or International).

Copper brown. 7075. Very well used (I´ve filmed +100 tricks with this yoyo). Couple of dings pictured but nothing major. 8/10 smoothness. Perfect candidate for a beater/5A yoyo since it’s very resistant to dings.

Since this is kind of an obscure yoyo, here are the specs:

Dia: 53.5 mm
Wi: 44 mm
We: 64 g

FS: Retic Caiman - SOLD

I ship from El Salvador, Central America. I always use registered airmail with tracking codes.


That’s the proto, right? Never heard of it reaching final production status (which is a shame because I’d love to see what Vivek & the player settle on)


Yes. This is the proto 1. Vivek ended selling this ones as a run, and I have no idea if they continued working on it.

This yoyo is cool tho. Small, fast and rimweighted makes for a nice combo.


Price drop and Added some stuff! Bump!

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Bump! Dropped the price even more!

Spool Thread SOLD! Bumpity!

New stuff added! Bump bump bump!

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O-Ting is probably my favorite hybrid. Ting line in general is awesome IMO.

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G2 Ghost SOLD!

What’s the weight on that Caiman?

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I have no way of measuring it right now, but it’s light. Lighter than my Beech Harbinger.

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Omg a caiman!


Caiman SOLD! Bump!

Price drop bump!

FInal Price drop! $40 on the O-Ting shipped! Bump!


Someone buy this so that I can stop wanting it so much.

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