Powerthirst: Yoyo Edition Redux

Don’t hate. Just enjoy. This is a parody, so no need to get all hot and bothered.I love you guys. I rather think the very poor production values add to its charm.

PS. VERY strong language. Please use your common sense here. If you think you shouldn’t watch it then don’t.


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I need to watch this another 500 or so times.

didn’t fasono do this.

He made the original. I made a remake.

love em both!

Ha ha ha nice
Gave me memories of the originals. ;D

i like this one better…

You lied in the video.

It said you loved me…


I think this was a “I’m really bored and I cant yoyo right now so ima make a silly video” video

It was cool :stuck_out_tongue:

i couldn’t understand the remake

Um LANGUAGE anyone but me catch the F bombs in them.

yeah there were, but thats part of the script.

duncan friction stickerssssss.

ah KNOTS ahhhhhhhg

I think you need more exitemant in your voice.

Dude, your not supposed to use profanity, even in your videos. Delete it!!!

really… it’s ok. I only pull it out for special occasions.

really, no, it’s not ok.

it only swore once or twice
if it was like every other word then he should take it off

Hey Leo, it might be good to at least put a language warning in the video description in the thread.
YYE tries to keep everything clean for everyone so just a warning would be awesome.



And that is the only reason it stayed. I will revise the warning though.