post-tech teaser

Since I’ve been in a bit of a rut, I’ve been mostly sticking to simple stuff as of late. With a new resurge in my interest in heavy tech, I’ve taken to combining the two into a sort of amorphous “post-tech” style. This video is a bit of a blend between old and new, simple and complex. I think there’s gonna be more to come, but I’m not too sure

Whoa! Almost missed this one. Nice! I remember that Pybit so well from the BBQ. I still like to refer to it as “the soda can yoyo”.

dat pybit.
but this kinda makes me want to make a video. And as always, I love your style pat.

I think it’s more becoming of you than me :3 . Gotta get this sucker into your hands again.

Awesome video! Thay Pybit is such an awesome yoyo! I used it at the BBQ!

Sweet skills!