Possibly Selling Rare Anti-Yo Collection (The End inside)

Proper Detailed Pictures will be uploaded at a later time.

In the midst of deciding whether or not to sell as an entire collection or sell the collection separately (which I’d prefer not to), I decided to make this post to hear out what the collectors might have to say.

The Anti-Yo collection consists of:

  • The End” (by Yes, Absolutely)


  • Platinum Bape” ( 1 of 2 )

  • Gouda” ( 1 of 10 )

  • BSP

  • Platinum Busine$$” ( 1 of 9 )

  • Fluchs

  • Eetsit” x 2

  • Raw Eetsit” (has stock slip matte finish, directly from sonny, ideal for plating or custom ano)

  • Busine$$

All are in mint and near mint condition. Proper detail pictures for each yoyo will be uploaded at a later time. (Photographing each one. Hoping to upload before Friday)

If you have any further questions or would like to make offers, please send a pm and I’ll try to respond as fast as I can.



sorry folks for the delayed replies, my inbox was/is rather swamped (been a while since I handled transaction, got overwhelmed lol)

most are asking what price(s) I have in mind and seem to be interested in select few.

BSP in particular*

But please keep in mind that I’m asking for offers because I don’t really have an idea either.

If it helps Ill list the minimum value for each, (the lowest I’d even consider)

As for the photos, hopefully soon. All are actually in mint condition, only exception is the Fluch (near mint - has a flat spot/scuff not sure how to describe it, doesn’t go through the anodize however


moved apartments (nightmare) and was out of the country (awesome), summer went by too fast ha

will make proper update soon, again x.x