Polishing my draupnir

Is there a way to polish it with simple household items?

My draup is lookin really dank right now and I wanna get it shining ASAP.

Fine (0000) steel wool and metal polish, such as Never-Dull will work just fine.

Two questions:
I assume it has to be specifically aluminum polish? Target and walgreens(ones I went to) had an assortment of silver, gold, platinum, etc. polishers but no aluminum

Do I have to use steel wool with it?

Normally you use the steel wool by itself, then finish off with the polish. I use Turtle Wax polishing compound and scratch remover found in a hardware store or automotive store. Nevr-Dull polish works well. I think the polish for silver and gold etc will work. An auto parts store will probably have some specifically for aluminum for polishing wheels.

Here’s some info: How To Polish Aluminum

(Be sure to read the attached pdf files.)


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Ok so I’m going to get some Never dull this weekend

Is the tarnishing easily removed or somewhat permanent

both the Never-Dull that the Iosso cream are excellent products,but do not be fooled, the 7075 is a type of aluminum that is oxidized in contact with the air and then you will obtain a good result but will not be long-lasting.

I see…
As long as its not like permanent damage, i can live with it.
Worth the shine

Dam, the steel wool took made the yoyorecreation logo a lot lighter :frowning:

Well, it is an abrasive. Best to mask or go around things you don’t want affected.