Polishing/Cleaning Yoyos

My Ti-Vayder has become my “beater” yoyo these days and it is starting to look a little worse for wear. I thought just using a polishing rag would clean up those dark spots around the rim, but it doesn’t. How should I go about cleaning up this titanium? Should I sand it or use steel wool or some sort of metal polish?


That appears to be from some sparking activity…get yourself a
3M sanding sponge


I wouldn’t do a thing to it personally, I think it looks great. I love the look of a well used throw!

I have tried to remove deep cuts and scuffs on aluminium throws by sanding and I find more often than not it induces bad vibe because you’re actually removing material, so I do tend to just leave them unless they are sharp. However dings on a yoyo tend to result in vibe anyway.

If you did want to buff/polish it up a bit then I would recommend some fine wire wool or very fine “wet and dry” sand paper, like 3000 grit. That way you’re just removing minimal amounts at a time. If there’s an equal amount of damage on the whole of the rim then you could chuck it in a drill and sand it but if it’s only in patches then you could try it by hand on the bad areas.

Looks fine as it is to me though!

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I got a ton of these out in the garage and it definitely works, thanks!

After a bit of sanding off of the grit, im actually warming up to this idea. I feel like im shaving away the throw’s personality, so I think im going to let it remain worn. Now that I know that I CAN clean it up, I don’t actually want to now, lol. I just feel a little bad because I have #6, which is one of the rare single digits, but I bought two Vayders: one to be abused and sparked, and the other to be kept pristine (a grey one).

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