Polished String Theory Quark

This yoyo plays so fricking heavy on the string! Enjoy the pics!

Bling Bling very nice work!!!

Do you just use 600 grit sand paper and a chuck drill with mothers polish to finish off?

Would this work with a Genesis?

Would work with any yoyo!

I’m so jealous. :-[ looks sooooo nice. One day I will learn the secret!

There’s no secret lol, just practice!


The Quark is a very under rated throw. Id play mine more is it wasn’t the 1 of 1 works works edition.

Very nice work as usual. I think you can still do better though. You have the talent.

Thanks! And believe me, it looks A LOT better in person!

I bet it does. Photos from a good camera will always show imperfections though. Fact of life. lol

Which is why I don’t take photos of my face lol.

Wow, don’t get yourself down. :stuck_out_tongue:

I prefer the same for me but my wife does her best to capture me on camera…


my mom doesn’t like to be on camera. I love to be. :stuck_out_tongue: (Videos. :P)

This good enough for you guys? Pic quality is still pretty bad lol.

It isn’t the camera’s fault. Your lighting is terrible. You want to have copious amounts of diffuse light.