Pocket change

I need some help. Ive had my pocket change for almost 2 weeks now but its still uber responsive. If anyone can help please tell me.

Clean the bearing in some mineral spirits or acetone.

Give it a light lube.

Make sure its set to unresponsive and you’ll be good :wink:

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Please do not clean your bearing with Acetone…it will eventually rust out your bearing due to its water content. Lighter fluid or Mineral Spirits would work best. Check out this link: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,871.0.html

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Actually acentone won’t rust your bearing if you blow it out with compressed air.

Just sayin :wink:

Bearing cleaning does it all. After cleaning the bearing, try it and see if it’s unresponsive. If it’s unresponsive, you can have two options now:
Lube it with two needle tip size of thin lube. So dip the needle in the lube, and when you take it out, there should be a tiny drop of lube hanging on the needle. Apply that to the bearing after cleaning. It’s your preference to see if you want one tiny drop or two.

Or, you could keep the bearing dry, but the bearing might freeze up or wear down more faster.

If your yoyo is still resonsive even without lube, then probably your response. But mostly, I bet, it’s your bearing problem.

Yeah, it might “wear down more faster” :D.

Acetone is not a good choice, compressed air or not. It tends to evaporate too quickly leaving a residue film on your bearing. In addition, unlike lighter fluid or mineral spirits, it will dissolve plastic if you happen to get it on your yoyo.

kay thanks for clearing that up :wink:

thanks its working now :slight_smile: