Please Remove

I am looking for side-effects: ultralight in silver and black, and spike in silver.

and, 401K Dial/hubs: Clear, white, black.

I am moving in a few months so I wanted to glean my yoyo boxes.

Offer up, I am open to new stuff.

Here is the first second round:

Tom Kuhn RD1- rainbow, w/packaging and extra discs–$17
Hspin Antipodes- blue/green, ano flaws, includes extra axle.–$30
YYF FAST 401K- YYN black espionage Ed., a few light rim scratches, one dial face is cracked.–$30
YYJ Dark Magic- 08’ Worlds Ed., 2 sets of caps, rim scrapes that show metal.–$15

Yomega Kendama- black w/green ball.–$5

Today’s (not so) Fun Fact: The lion used in the original MGM movie logo killed its trainer and two assistants the day after the logo was filmed.

PM’d. :slight_smile:

Today’s Fun Fact: Richard Nixon lost a Frisbee on the roof of the White House.


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Today’s Fun Fact: President William Howard Taft was the inspiration for Popeye’s nemesis, Brutus.



Today’s Fun Fact: Bruce Lee was a third cousin of one of the Watergate burglars.


Today’s Fun Fact: Famed Italian explorer Marco Polo never learned to swim.


Today’s Fun Fact: In 1930, President Herbert Hoover nearly suffocated when he became locked inside an airtight vault while touring Fort Knox.


Today’s Fun Fact: The game of hopscotch originated as a mockery of the Catholic funeral procession.