Please help me with these old Duncan Yo-Yos, Canadian copies.

Hi! I bought some yo-yos back in the 80’s when, as a youth, I was into throwing simple tricks like Around the World and Walk the Dog. I picked them up in Vancouver China Town and I have never really seen them around online or elsewhere since. They were not called yo-yos back then, since another company (Pepsi?) had the trademark her in Canada, and have “return top” labelling instead. I really enjoyed the esthetics of them, but never really thought them to be rare, until I recently discovered them again in boxes in our basement and have struggled finding any information on them online. Let me know if they are worth anything, and if not, they will go to my 8 year old son to play with. They have never been played with and I do have the original packaging somewhere as well. Thanks in advance. (sorry for the duplicate images).

Well, I don’t come here that often, so sorry for the necro post.  If you’ve still got pictures somewhere I could check them against Lucky’s book.  I think it’s weird (and Chris Mikulin and others would say laughable) that the term “yo-yo” is still protected by trademark in Canada, even though the trademark holder does not produce any new yo-yo designs and does not participate in the community.  More information can be found at and

Here’s Lucky’s yo-yo collector’s guide… last published 1999?