Please help me choose, Hspin Good and evil 2 vs duncan metropolis



I’m new to the forum and yoyoing too. I saw some awesome videos and wondered if I was too old for this. Anyway I went into a local yo-yo shop about a week ago and told them I wanted to start yoyoing and left with a green yoyofactory onestar. I never even held a yoyo before and they recommended an unresponsive yoyo as I found out when I got home.
Well basicly I spent the last week watching videos, learning to how bind and a few simple tricks like brain twister and plastic whip/laceration, but I really got into to it, my middle finger is even bruised as hell. :smiley:

I checked out the classifieds on our local forum and found a Duncan Metropolis and a Hspin Good and Evil 2: Poison both for about 35$ and both in pretty good condition. I know both are way better yoyos than what I need, but I just got a feverish craving for a new yoyo now and these seem like good deals.

Which one would be better for A1 overall? I know the Hspin one is a bit of a collectors item, so that’s pretty cool, but I’m kind of afraid I’d ruin them fast, even though I only play on my carpet. Otherwise as far as aesthetics go both are fine with me and I don’t really have any preferences yet.

Thanks in advance for the advice!


I’d go with the good and evil 2. It’s a classic and a nice player. The G&E 2 is a higher end yoyo to start with. HSPIN made quality yoyos.


I haven’t played the Good and Evil, but I LOVED my Metropolis, it was a very unique throw, very stable and fluid/fast… And then it stripped.


Well I ended up buying the both of them and I’m not really sure if the Hspin is really a Hspin. Did they used to fake these? It is similar to the one on the wikipedia, but it’s definetly different and since they only made 550 of these, I don’t think there should be this much difference between the batches.

What do you think? Little help here?