please delete i have alot more yoyos and im just gone make a new one with everyt

these are some beaters that still play good i have a g5 little vibe plays good and some dings its purple SOLD$.i have a silver boss couple dinges plays good50$. i have a california needs k-pads little messed up paint job havent used it in a while should play good SOLD$. i have a yomega blazer love the way it plays still plays nice but with a really hard tug it will come up plus has a ding r toSOLD$ . i have a shenwoo zen so im told thats what the gold one is plays real nice needs some response pads and has minor dings35$. 888 really beat but plays so smooth man itsn nice still sleeps still grinds still plays real great no real vibe that i feel 50$. if you can look past dings you will love these yoyos. if you want better pic and if you interested text me at 478 414 6500 prices can be offer are trades thank you for viewing. 2 added yoyos a dark magic 2 no caps plays good little wear not much 30$ and a red grind machine someone drew on it with a blue marker but it plays good 20$ make offers thanks

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Offers are great

Update price drop

Buda but nada bump dump
Dump da do da do da ta te ta te ta ta Tay tag tah


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New yoyos added



Can you post more pictures? Specifically the GM and the Dark Magic?

That Blazer is soon to be mine ;D

Oh, and what’s with your post “blues” ?.. Hmmmmm?

I’m just tired of saying bump so now I uses colorers reds orangeses greenes yellers purpole lime mix fruit cow

Hey XxsanezxX check your pm I sent you one.