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Looking to buy and add a MIB YYFR Hummingbird to my collection. Must be “A Grade” 10/10 smoothness no vibe, mint condition, no scratches dings, etc. Not interested in any brass ring version hummingbirds; however, I would be interested in the Konkikyo Copper Ring Hummingbird.
Dm me your Hummingbird colorways and lets work something out!

There are 3 or 4 different colorways available across multiple retailers. Just fyi

Not a fan of the green available on yysam and not a fan of a pink hummingbird on yyfr. Everywhere else I checked was out of stock- unless you happen to find one on a website I might have missed?

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rewind has silver with gold rim and brown with silver rim.

spingear has grey with gold rim.

Also there should be quite a few hummingbirds here and there on the bst so keep yer eyes peeled!

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Keep in mind that these are made regularly. Philip has stated that they will probably never stop producing hummingbirds because the design is just so timeless. It really is the modern draupnir in that regard. Just check around at less popular shops if you’re desperate, or wait for YYE to get another run.

Bought a hummingbird from the BST please close mods

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