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Looking to sell my SPYY Pro and YYR’s I don’t use much

SPYY price: $65 shipped

Conditon: Has a pinprick and some nail vibe

YYR bundle SOLD

$110 per YYR

Both have nail vibe, no string vibe.

Onslaught vibe is due to the bearing being loose, no seat damage. SOLD

OD Draup has two pin pricks on the rims. SOLD

Adding the Ti End, $225 shipped for it sold
NMTBS, includes all the goodies

Adding TP MSG $155 Shipped. sold


Added price + Bump :slight_smile:

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Updated to include another listing for some YYR bi-metals

That’s a nice looking pro! One of my favorite SPYY’s!

Also, free bump!

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Thanks! It’s definitely one of my faves but as the collection grows I need to thin out the stuff that doesn’t get used much

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Bump, Dropped prices, accepting offers! Lets get these a new home.

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Bump, final price drop, bundle all 3 for $255 shipped!! Also added RSO Ti End

Bump. Prices are now Firm, getting too many unreasonable low balls. Also Added MSG and adjusted prices since onslaught is on hold


Bump: RSO Pending, Onslaught On Hold (tons of interest :sweat_smile:), MSG, OD Draup, and Spyy Pro still up!

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(What I think is) Great Price on the ti End. I absolutely LOVE that yoyo!!! If you love old school yoyos, AntiYo, buy that yoyo, you’ll love it!

It’s the whole reason why I picked one up! Such a great yoyo and considering you cant really damage it, only makes it better. Sad I have to part with it.


Another day another bump, TI end is available again! Price dropped on it to $235 shipped.

YYR’s both Sold. Dropped Price on MSG!

Bump bump, deals for multiples!

$425 to take the remaining 3: Spyy Pro + MSG + Ti End | No longer available.

Otherwise small price drop:

  • Ti End: $225 shipped firm | SOLD
  • MSG: $155 shipped | SOLD
  • Spyy Pro: $65 shipped

Bundle Ti End and MSG: $360 shipped | SOLD


Going to close this and keep the Pro for now.