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Hi all,

I have a few yo-yos for sale. All are NMTBS. Prices are in USD and include shipping from Canada. I’m mainly looking to sell but I’m open to trades. Main trades I’m looking for is pretty much anything from Freshly Dirty and a Winging It Buster. This post is cross-listed on other platforms. Feel free to message me with any questions.

Row 1 (L-R):
Unprld ReCognition - SOLD
Unprld Nostalgia - $100
OD Kuntosh 5000QV - SOLD

Row 2 (L-R):
Recess Snack - SOLD
Yoyofriends Sunbird - SOLD
RRT Death Adder v2 -$70

Row 3_Plastic Add-Ons ($5 each):



Hey there, is that Recog still available?

Yep, the Recog is still available!

Bump: Sunbird sold

Bump: Recog sold

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Is the Replay still available?

Hey Larry,

Yes, the Replay is still available but it’s not worth it for me to ship separately. It’s meant to be an add-on with another yo-yo…Death Adder and Nostalgia still remain.


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Someone should scoop that Death Adder. Nice color and the throw is a killer player. Price is really good and I think Retic is about sold out of new ones.

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Only the Nostalgia remains/price drop to $80 USD shipped.

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