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Hi all!

sell this yoyo wasabi 09, without vibrations, with ILYY ceramic concave bearing:)
It has 3 slight scratches that do not feel to the touch
87€ (shipping costs included!)

I need money to buy a titanium :slight_smile:

Thanks and greetings to all!



I’m interested to the addiction and triplet…any discount for both items?

If I didn’t already have a bonfire I’d be on that one in a heartbeat.

Someone needs to buy it!

The Ti Vayder is dropping soon. Just stump up the money and buy one you wont regret it! :wink:


You have played one of the few prototypes that have been made?

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@KiLbUcK No but i own a D***runner which is pretty much the same thing! Plus the guys involved in the Vayder project arnt gona release bad yoyos guaranteed!

Ah yes $200 ish a very fair price for a Titanium yoyo. Ah oh no :S If you have no work then trading is going to be your best chance to get a Ti yoyo!

Theres a few cheapish ones around. You could probs land a well used one for $150 ish if your luck. Whats your budget? My friend has a cheapish one going still as i recall… i think. bUt hed be looking for cash rather than trade!!

Dude look at this!! $150 looks awesome dude!! If i wasnt tied up in trades and buys for the next few months id snap this up in an instant

My friend would do $125 on a Sal Ti but thats the best i can do :S

How much for the pistolero bro?

Anyone looking for an ILYY wasabi :)?
the photos are on top☝️

Good morning!

price drop

Bump!87€ wasabi '09:):point_up:

drop in price!

€ 67 with shipping costs included.

i love yoyo: wasabi 09, it does not vibrate, it’s soft

Wasabi '09=67€


canceled the sale.
I’m staying with my wasabi :slight_smile: